How Long Will it Take to Sell My Futures?

Just as on Ebay sales are not instant and dependant on another Trader wishing to take on your Futures. If there is strong demand this might be almost immediate, otherwise it may take longer.

In the future we will publish the average time taken to sell a Future over the preceding week to give a guide as to how long it make take.

We may on occasion also act as ‘market makers’, buying Futures and holding them until a buyer is found, to create liquidity in the market and speed up transactions. We charge no additional fee for this, and make only the 2% transaction fee charged to the seller on regular sales.

As all sales are executed chronologically, if there is a sudden drop in demand for a Footballer, and a number of Traders wish to sell, your sale might take some time and a price definitely cannot be guaranteed. 


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    John Eaton

    Iow do i cancel a sell of futures

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