How Long Will it Take to Sell My Shares?

You are able to cash out your Bet by clicking ‘Go to Market’ on the Shares you want to place in a queue for other users to buy (“Sell Order”).

Just as on eBAY sales are not instant and dependant on another trader wishing to buy your shares. We cash out the Bet subject to finding another user who will 'buy' your Sell Order. We cannot guarantee a price. Your Shares will be sold at the Published Price at which the Sell Order was completed rather than when the Sell Order was placed. However, you may set a lowest price at which you accept another user to buy your Sell Order (“Reserve Price”) and may cancel your Sell Order at any time. If the price of any Share drops below your Reserve Price, we run a process that regularly checks and attempts to cancel your Sell Orders as soon as feasibly possible.

If you don’t want to wait you can always Instant Sell your futures / shares instead.



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    John Eaton

    Iow do i cancel a sell of futures