What is a ‘Dividend’?

Cash payouts are made to Traders who hold Futures for the football star who’s name is top of our Buzz Chart each day. A Dividend is GPB 0.05 per Future held.

Dividends are paid out to Traders who hold Futures for the Footballer which hits number one on our Buzz Chart each day at the time of the ‘Closing Bell’ (12:00 AM GMT time). This is cash paid directly into the Traders account.

Futures are only eligible for dividends after a customer has owned them for 24 hours.

Note: Dividend payouts will be credited daily between 00:00 and 01:30 AM (GMT).

The price of Futures is determined purely by demand within the market – there are no external factors such as column inches or media mentions. 

Futures cannot be purchased for Footballers that appear on the Squad list.


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