What is a ‘Dividend’?

You are able to win a payout (which we call a ‘Dividend’) on your Bet in two (2) ways, depending on the results of charts that we collate each day relating to: 

1. Football Index Media Rankings

“Football Index Media Rankings”(Media Rankings) are our proprietary daily monitor of all UK online football news, which drives a daily score published in list form on The top three footballers with the highest score each day by 12:00 am (London time) are declared the 'winners' for that day. In the event of a tie, the footballer with the latest story unique to that footballer (out of the footballers who are tied) will be ranked higher. We reserve the right to remove stories attributed to a footballer, that are not relating to footballing events, or that actually refer to another similarly named person. Only the top 200 priced footballers in the Top 200 at the end of that specific day are eligible to be scored on the Media Rankings.


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