What is a ‘Dividend’?

The top ranking footballers in the “Media Rankings” and “Match Day Rankings” will be eligible for payment of a Dividend, depending on the amount of, and the prestige level of, the football matches taking place on that day. Dividends are paid out according to the “Dividend Table. We may pay additional Dividends for promotional reasons, and review and update the Dividend Table.

If you buy a Share prior to the Dividend Deadline, and that Share is ranked in one of the categories in the Dividend Table that Share will be eligible for a Dividend. The Dividend Deadline is midnight (12:00 am London time) of the previous day (i.e. a Share is only eligible for a Dividend after you have owned that Share for 24 hours). Note: Dividends are paid between 12:00 am & 03:00 am London time.

We may postpone or change the Dividend Deadline for promotional reasons before or during football fixtures to allow users to buy Shares which may be eligible for Dividends. We will keep you informed of any changes to the Dividend Deadline either by email, via the Website and/or on the App.


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