What is a 'Tracker'?

A Tracker is a simple way to bulk-buy a large number of Footballers, spreading risk and tracking the performance of the 1st Team as a whole. Tracker packages enable Traders to buy just 1 x Future in either the top 25, 50 or 100 Footballers on the 1st Team List, but they can buy up to as many as 100 Futures in each Footballer in one click. Consequently a Trader might buy say 25 x Futures in all of the top 100 Footballers.

A Football Index Tracker is not like a stockmarket tracker would track the value of all companies in Footsie 100, which might change over time. In the instance of our Trackers the Footballers held won’t change, which is why we don’t offer a Tracker of the full 200 Footballers as those close to the bottom are at risk of relegation, rendering those Futures valueless.

We may offer a different style of Tracker in the future, however at least with our Trackers parts of them can be sold off, without selling the whole product giving Traders more flexibility.