What is the ‘1st Team’ and 'Squad'?

1st Team is a list of the world’s top 200 footballers. Futures may only be bought in these Footballers.

The Squad is a list of all remaining Footballers. Traders may cast votes for these Footballers and the 2 most popular Footballers every Friday are ‘promoted’ to the 1st Team, to replace the 2 lowest priced Footballers in the 1st Team, thereby maintaining a constant 200 Names in the 1st Team.

Relegation: Each Friday morning at 9 am the bottom 2 Names drop out of 1st Team each week to be replaced by the top 2 Names from Squad List. The 2 top Names from the Squad list will be added to the 1st Team at 13:00 pm and 13:15 pm.

Once promoted a Squad Footballer is safe from relegation for 8 weeks (indictated by a padlock).

When Footballers are 'relegated' to the Squad List all Futures associated with that Name are null & void, and removed from the Customer's Portfolio.


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