What is a ‘Football Future’?

It’s an individual fixed-odds bet on the Daily Buzz Winner, providing many opportunities to win small GBP 0.05 payouts known as a Dividends. It’s price is determined purely be demand – the more Lionel Messi Futures we sell the higher his price – there are no external factors such as media mentions or column inches.

Futures are available to buy on all Footballers featured on the 1st Team at the published price, and are valid for the period the Footballer remains on the List. There is no limit to the number of Dividends that may be won per Future.

Futures are valid for a period of 3 years from issue after which date they become null and void.

When the Footballer is relegated from 1st Team the bet is terminated and of no further value.

As a bet for the duration of a Footballers ‘career’ in the 1st Team, it may be ‘cashed out early’ … or sold. Football INDEX will ‘cash out’ a Future providing there is another Trader willing to take on the Future at the published price.

On occasion Football INDEX may buy back Futures to create liquidity in the market, and speed up the selling process - this is known as market making.

A 2% commission is charged to the Seller on sales of Football Futures.   


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