What are the Football INDEX game rules?

'Futures' may be bought in any Footballers appearing under '1st Team' at the Published Price. Traders may buy up to a maximum of 100 Futures at the Published Price in a single transaction, providing he/she has sufficient funds in their account.

Each Future purchased is a remote fixed-odds bet on who will be Daily Buzz Winner and lasts for as long as the Footballer remains in the '1st Team' list. The payout on this daily bet is known as 'Dividends' which are paid into the Accounts of Traders who hold Futures in the Footballer that tops the Buzz Chart with the highest score each day by 12:00am ('The Closing Bell'). 

The price of a Future is determined purely by demand within the game. The more Traders buy say Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, the higher the price. Players can cash out their bet by clicking 'sell' on futures that are held in their portfolio. Football INDEX will cash out provisional on another Trader(s) 'buying' your bet, which is paid to you less a 2% transaction fee. We can't guarantee a price, it will be the best we can achieve. You may set a reserve price and may cancel your cash out Sell Order at any time.

Click here for full Game Rules.


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