Glossary of Terms



Football INDEX

A revolutionary gambling platform, similar to a stockmarket, where Traders can bet on the future success of the world's top footballers.


Any Football Player that appears in the Top 200 or Squad Player Lists

Football INDEX Rankings

“Media Rankings” are our proprietary daily monitor of all UK online football news, which drives a daily buzz score published in list form on

"Match Day Rankings" are our proprietary daily monitor of footballing performance (for football match days in the Eligible Competitions) across the top leagues in Europe(Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1) and the main two European football tournaments (Champions League and Europa League) (together,“Eligible Competitions”).


An individual fixed-odds bet on the Media Rankings or Match Day Rankings many opportunities to win a small GBP 0.05 payout know as a Dividend


A fixed payout made to all Football Shares held for Media Rankings or Match Day Rankings.

Top 200

A list of 200 of the world's top footballers available to buy. 

Squad Players

A List of footballers which are tradable and are eligible to win Match Day Dividends.


To cast a vote for footballers not currently on Football INDEX


Football Index will introduce up to 50 footballers per day at a price of their discretion (Mon-Fri)

Footie Index

A daily measurement of the performance of the Football INDEX as a whole, similar to the Footsie index.  


The purchase of 1 x Share for every one of the top 10, 25, 50 or 100 footballers in the 1st Team


A List of all Football Shares held by a Trader, their cost and current value


 The name given to a Player/User on Football INDEX