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Complaints and Disputes

Complaints and Disputes

Receipt and Recording of Complaints
Should you wish to make any Complaint, please feel free to choose any of the following methods:

  • Write to us to ‘Compliance’ at BetIndex Limited, Maxwell Chambers, La Colomberie, St Helier,
    Jersey. JE2 4QB
  • Send us an email, addressed to Support team, BetIndex at; our Support team will review and confirm to you if this is a complaint and redirect you to email
  • Let us know over live chat that is located on the company’s website within the customer support page
  • You can call us on 0800 066 2650

Upon receipt of any complaint, we will get in touch with you to discuss the matter reported. The investigation shall begin within one (1) Business Day. All Complaints shall be acknowledged in writing within one (1) business day of receipt. The acknowledgement shall inform you of your Complaint’s Reference, by whom the Complaint is to be handled.

Once we make the final decision, we will notify you using your preferred method of contact. If you are still dissatisfied, you may refer your dispute to our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) IBAS or refer the matter via the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform. Please however ensure that you have fully exhausted our complaints procedure before contacting IBAS or ODR.

Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) is a
third party organisation that settles disputes that arise between betting/gambling operators and their customers after they have been through the operator's own internal dispute procedures and if 
deadlock exists.

Online dispute resolution

Complaints Handling
Subject to delays arising from circumstances beyond BetIndex’s reasonable control or beyond the reasonable control of the staff member handling the Complaints, they shall be fully investigated, decided upon and a Recommendation made within fourteen (14) Business Days.

If additional information or evidence in support of the Complaint is required, you shall be contacted using your preferred method of communication, stating clearly what information or evidence is required. Any delay in your response to such a request may delay the resolution of your Complaint.

If you are unable or unwilling to provide information or evidence requested, reasonable endeavours shall nevertheless be used to resolve your Complaint. If, however, it is not possible to uphold the Complaint in the absence of the requested information or evidence, the Complaint may be closed and we will inform you of the outcome.

Your Complaint shall be examined and evaluated, taking full account of all relevant statements, information, evidence and circumstances. Full objectivity and fairness shall be maintained at all times.

Confidentiality and Data Protection
All Complaints, Appeals, evidence and other information gathered, held and processed in BetIndex shall be treated with the utmost confidence at all times. Your personal information collected by BetIndex shall only be collected, used and held in accordance with BetIndex’s Data Protection Policy.